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We a


We also got plugs for Ferrari-Talk!!!!!

don't miss the show!!!!

Your web site, Lamborghini-Talk, was one of the top 20 most active in
sending voters to "52 Favorite Cars" on Spike TV. Thank you very much
to you and your members for their enthusiasm and support.

I was wondering if you'd be interested in helping us out one last
time. See, the time for the show has moved around a bit and
we're concerned that some folks may not know when the show will air.
I'd like to get the word out by sending an e-mail and posting a video
in your forum.

Here is the video link for the show's preview:

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Cool stuf!! Couldn't have

Cool stuf!! Couldn't have happen to a nicer bunch of guys. Lets really kick this off!!!!!!!

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