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Looking for input from owners with 360bs and 550bs

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I know I am asking about two c

I know I am asking about two completely different cars but I am looking to hear from owners previous experiences with 360's with standard shift and with F-1 as well as 550 owners.
Srry, I can't decide what i like better.
I drove a 360 F1 coupe and in first gear always it bucked terribly before smoothing out. The dealer assured me it was a clutch problem and was not common. I am concerned about how much time it is going to spend in the shop.
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Hi Gary,

IMO the 550 is a f

Hi Gary,

IMO the 550 is a far superior car all the way around than a 360...while the styling may not be extremly exotic on the 550, in the right color combo they are truly beautidul imo. No offense but to me the 360 coupes are the ugly cars of the crowd..and certian colors on either car make things worse from a beauty perspectice imo.

The F1 tranny's have been a miserable failure imo...problem after problem after complaint after problem....easily as poor a job of engineering as Ferrari attempts at converyible tops...let's hope it doesn't take Ferrari 40 years to make a decent automatic tranny.

IMO the F1 models will lose the most to the cost of keeping such a problematic design roadworthy sifts out to the general public the cars will become very undesirable. Unproven problematic designs are only for those cars with warrantees imo.

As time moves on the only cars likely to hold their value and perhaps appreciate are those made in very limited quantities, prove themselves on the road, and are reparible without undu pain.

Because we are all so different it's near impossible to say buy one type & not impressions are far to subjective. The best hunt imo includes driving the cars individually and going to gatherings and talking to half a dozen or so owners of each of your favorites.

Regards, JRV
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I don't have much experien

I don't have much experience with the F1, but I do have a lot with the 6 speed. A friend of mine traded in his F1 soon after getting it. The cars are not very fun to drive in most everyday traffic situations. Apparently they come onto their own on the race track because the quick shifting makes it easier to go faster.

I say 6 speed all the way. Too many horror stories on F1's. I find that even those who like it have had problems with it but stick it out because "they've fixed it". Will they keep the car once it's out of warranty? I don't think they will.

F1's first gear shouldn't "buck terribly" but they are certainly not smooth in stop and go traffic. My definition of bucking terribly might be different so keep that in mind. It is inherently jerky though.

The 360 6 speed drives very well. It launches easily and shifts true. The car has a very quiet cruising speed cabin. You do have to keep revs in the upper levels to really do some fast freeway passing. The 550 (I don't own one) has more noticeable torque, so it's more fun to do freeway passing.

By the way, my experiences are drawn up from a 360 Spider, so the coupe might sound different.

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