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Maintenance Schedule For My Ferrari

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I've compiled a list of se

I've compiled a list of services I perform on my Ferrari....Can anyone look this over & make any additions, corrections or suggestions?

Having owned many high performance cars (Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lotus, Porche, Corvette,etc.), I'm a fanatic when it comes to maintenance. I've taken the liberty of writing a small list below which I adhere to on my cars and just thought that I'd pass it on to you. It's not a bad idea to keep a log book for every car with dates of service and mileage in / out for test drives. This certarinly would add to its' value if you ever considered selling your investment.

Aside from the recommended major service intervals being 5 years or 15,000 miles,( whichever comes first) the minor maintenance is listed below:

1) Fluids need to be changed regularly. Recommended twice a year for engine oil, once a year for the transaxel, at least once a year for the brake fluid and engine coolant.

2) Exercising the car once a week, maximum once every three weeks for 20 to 30 miles so water vapors from condensation can burn off and seals lubricated and valves functioning properly. Not driving the car regularly can cause A/C coolant leakage and / or oil leakage. Garage queens can end up costing significantly more to own and operate on a per mile basis than cars that are driven regularly!

3) Apply leather conditioner to all seats at least once every six months.

4) Avoid washing the car regurlarly if it doesn't need it, just dust it off.

5) Warm up your car for approx. ten minutes to operating temperature before its driven.

6) Operate air conditioning unit for a couple minutes once a month during winter time.

7) When storing cars keep a full tank of gas especially during the winter time and add stabilizer.

8) Check all your tires for date of manufacture and always check tire pressures. Most manufacturers suggest replacing tires that are more than 4 years old, as rubber ages tires loose their grip and dry rot sets in which makes them unsafe. Check the tire for the DOT number......the last four digits are the most important......the first two indicate the week it was manufactured and the last two indicate the year.

9) Silcone all rubber door seals, trunk seals,etc. once a year to protect the rubber seals.
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