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Last week, I got to run my 550

Last week, I got to run my 550 with one of the 50 Maserati MC-12's in the world. One of the drivers of that car said it was more comfortable and better riding than an Enzo. Sure, the MC-12 costs $1.5mil- but then, there's 1/8th as many as the Enzo.

We got busted in Wyoming, running at 130 and 109. The cop didn't know who was faster, so he gave us both 109 ($220). So what?
Worth it!

In fact, this MC-12 came from a car collection that included the Pope's Enzo, signed by Luca himself.

What I've seen in the current and upcoming Maseratis is great styling and F430-derived performance engines and comfort and all at a price like $130,000.

Makes me think I'd just as soon be in one of them- than a $300,000 599GTB or GTS.

If you want to see the video of my 550 and MC-12, drop me a message and I'll share the link.
I'm about to make "Wyo550" a YouTube brand; to stimulate sales of $4 DVD's of these car adventures. I'm only giving away lower-quality RM movie files online. The DVD/ AVI quality will cost something.

Here's some photos:

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LOL! Good to hear from you Wyo

LOL! Good to hear from you Wyo550....

Yea, one of the copilti had tipped me off to the MC12 "Run"....but you know me, brudda....

I can KEEP a secret!

Maserati is indeed coming up in the world, but take a hard look at resale values and maybe let someone else take the intial depreciation 'hit'.....

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How did the cop nail you if yo

How did the cop nail you if you don't mind. What kind of detection equipment were you using if any?

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The WHP trooper was oncoming,

The WHP trooper was oncoming, on his way to a meeting- not even on patrol. He probably saw us coming and said, "Hmmm they look fast".

They're using Stalker brand radar, capable of distinguishing "lead" and "fastest" targets.
The radar's emitter is warm- but not emitting, until they press a remote control and then it's instant (continuous, so it's accurate) Ka band illumination.

In our case, the cop couldn't determine who was doing 130 and who was at 109. Since my 550 was leading, I'm betting I was 109 and the MC was catching up. A half-minute earlier, I'd been doing 150 as I passed the MC. The cop just gave us both tickets for 109 ($220 and no points for me).
We were both using Valentine One radar locators.
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