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Modifications to my 2001 Ferrari 360 Modena

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2001 Ferrari 360 Modena
Over the past few years I have arried out modifications to both the bodywork and the engine on my Modena.
I think the mods have been tasteful and do not detract from the original concept and tend to lean towards the Challlenge Stradale iteration.
I have changed the braking system to full carbon and the wheels to 19" 430 Challenge (pic shows the 18" Challenge wheels and steel discs) because I think they suit them well. I have also changed out the suspension to an AFCO adjustable racing system.
The induction and exhausts sytems have alo been replaced with a Gruppe M induction package, I have installed tubular manifolds with sports cats and a titanium exhaust system.
Inside the car has Sparco carbon seats and all alloy pieces have been repaced with carbon pieces. I still have carbon door cards to install.
I have resisted installing the stripe kit so far and also the rear carbon wing which though beautiful will I think make it look garrish.
I have been offered a set of carbon rims and am very tempted and wondered what you guys think?

Here is the car.
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