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If you have a Mondial Ca

If you have a Mondial Cab you likley have either broken roof clamp toggles or they will soon brake. I broke my toggles and was disapointed to find that you had to buy a new clamp assembly for the cost of $400-$450.00, if you could find one.
So, I made a new toggle using high strength Stainless Steel, finished with a black passivate and installed them into my car. Next came requests asking me to make more for other local Mondial owenrs. I invested in tooling and made about twenty pair. I am offering them for sale for $85.00 each plus shipping, which is about $2.00 for USPS to all fifty states. This cost does not represent a profit for me, I am only trying to re-coup my tooling cost and did this out of frustration and desire to help fellow Mondial owners with a good fix to a common problem. Please keep in mind that I am not offering the entire assembly, just the U shaped toggle which is silver in the attached picture. The ones that I have are black. I will provide two new pins and four "E"clips.
Let me know if you want a pair.
- Ron
[email protected]
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