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For those few of you following

For those few of you following the Weber carburetted 3.2 saga: To review, we are now putting down about 224 rwhp ( about 270 crank assuming 17% loss )with a way too rich mixture (A/F around 11 and richer - idle A/F is 11.2). The current mix is 150 F24 190 .6.

Today's project will be installing new Weber jetting, mostly following David and JRV's suggestions:

34mm, 145, F24, 200, .55

I had a set of F36s ready but broke a tab and will need a replacement. Noticed that the 6 and early 8 cyl Dinos used F24s while the later 308s went to F36. Will have a set of 140, F36, 220 pre-made and ready to swap in (or mix and match) by the time I hit the dyno later this week if these are still too rich.

I realize that FI has many advantages, but for all you folks let me tell you - at least for me, these Webers are fun.

Stay tuned for new dyno numbers when I can get on.

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rather than relyimg s


rather than relyimg solely on 246/308 numbers use Daytona/275GTB-4/275GTB-6C numbers as a comparison also.

270 HP is damn good, sounds like you could pick up 20 or more HP in the tuning phase.


Regards, JRV

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JRV - thanks. Agree need more

JRV - thanks. Agree need more comparison data.

Can't find a listing for the V-12 DCN jetting on those cars anywhere, even after buying books. Any sources?

Off to the garage...

best to all

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Well, after reviewing my previ

Well, after reviewing my previous dyno hyper richness again using 150/190s, put in 140 mains, F24s and 200A/C and swapped idles from 60 to 55. Was very tempted to put in 220 a/c but held off.

I struggled a moment with the first inside idle jet before I realized it was much easier after taking the fuel line off... I'm slow, but I learn.

There is a big difference in the F24 and F36 emulsion tubes when you lay them side by side.

It does very rarely spit a bit at idle but very little. And no blue smoke now.

The official drive around the block (sans air cleaner) test did not show any noticible flat spots, and really seemed to come on at 4500 - 5000. The transitions from low rpms to the power band is not as smooth as the injection when you dump the throttle, but it responds RIGHT NOW. Pulls all the way up to redline and 3rd gear knocks your socks off from 5 - 7.7K compared to the old Kjet days. Interestingly, did not seem to need to mess with the idle set screws from the previous settings.

Bolted the airbox back on and will see if the dyno is up this week. I think I'm getting closer and certainly learning a lot along the way.

Did I mention how howling loud this thing is, especially with the airbox off and open trumpets?
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