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I am looking for a 328 or a 34

I am looking for a 328 or a 348. There seems to be alot more sellers than buyers. How do I negotiate my best price without looking like your typical bottom feeder. Also I'm concerned about resale value. I have been told by more than one person to buy a red car since It brings more money at selling time.

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There may be more sellers than

There may be more sellers than buyers but not all cars for sale are worth buying. That distinction generally pares the numbers down quickly.

Once you cull wrecked cars, unserviced cars and cars with no records and story cars out of the mix you generally end up with way overpriced dealer cars and a few nice fully up to date privately owned cars left to choose from.

From this finite group of cars worth spending any real money for that's left you will need to determine which car is most appealing to you and negotiate a fair price based on condition.

Another alternative is possible if you have a true Ferrari Mechanic of note as your essential man, and that is to buy a somewhat if'y car that hasn't been abused but needs servicing or considerable TLC and negotiate back according to needs plus a discount for the time value of your money while the car is being brought current by a profesional. Bringing one of these cars back up the service/repair mountian and onto the plateau can run anywhere from $6K-$12K ...depending.

Red does not mean they bring more money at sales time...condition does. Unless of course one means that only clueless buyers are the target market.

A used Ferrari can be a dream come true or a careful what you wish for.

Regards, JRV
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