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My 308 battery quick disconnect ground is cracked where to find one

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On my 308 QV the red battery g

On my 308 QV the red battery ground disconnect is cracked. I called T. Rutlands and they are out but when/if they can get one it is $12. I then called the dealer. They have it but want $120 each. Any other sources.
JRV do you have one?
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did you call our Sponsor Frank

did you call our Sponsor Frank @ AW? Which Dealer, Algar? GT Car Parts?

plus a Tip. don't believe the BS it's really cheap but we're out of stock at the moment. That's a very old line of crap to secure future business by making one look benevelent. Prices are dictated by those who actually have the parts, not the BS'ers that don't.
Very good point. I never thou

Very good point. I never thought of that. I bet your right. Thanks.
Along those same pa

Along those same pays to shop around a bit. I needed a cam drive gear shaft for my BB...I called one of the Alanta based suppliers, only to be told that "we're the only ones that have it...and the price is $750. I thought that a) the price was abnormally high and b) the shaft is the same as a 308.

Long and short...I bought the part from Ferrari-UK for $130!

Live and learn...

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