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Posted on Monday, October 13, 2003 - 05:08 pm:


This story is about my experience with Fellow forum members especially Ralph Kolsin who graciously invited me down for a ride in his car at TEXAS RUNNING OF THE BULLS.

The Lamborghini Countach barrels down the freeway hard, loud, and fast. Followed close by is a firebird Cop car with the cherries screaming for the countach to pull over. The Countach’s engine sound is amazing as it plays with the cop car, then suddenly its gone faster than you think is possible. That’s one of the first memories I can recall, watching the beginning of the car movie classic Cannon Ball Run (I was six years of age). That’s the movie that changed me. What it did was start a dream inside me, a dream to someday drive a Countach. (and perhaps mabey to own one) Intill that dream was realized I wanted to know every stat, figure, everything about the Countach. Then later every Lamborghini. And then a little later I had to know about every Ferrari. I love (and I don’t use that word loosely) LOVE exotic cars.

Will I mentioned that I wanted to know everything about Lamborghinis and Ferraris will the best place to do that is the Internet. Especially forums. I met Ralph on F-chat and Lambo-talk about 6 months ago we have been friends ever since. After learning of my love of Lamborghinis Ralph invited me down to Texas for the Texas Running of the Bulls. Needless to say I was excited! And graciously accepted his invitation.

After what seemed like forever it was finally time to go to Houston for the TROTB. The 12-hour drive down there was nothing for my girlfriend and I if I was able to even ride in a Countach.

Once there I meet up with Ralph that night. It was then that I saw his beautiful 88 white Countach with wing. The way it looked just standing there was amazing. No one who ever saw a Countach would ever question why they sold more posters of the Countach car than any other car.

At the next days event I was hopeing for just a ride in a Lamborghini. It would have met everything to me. There were plenty of Lamborghinis there everything from a Miura to a Murcielago. But as the day progressed it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. Ralph hadn’t arrived yet. It was getting a little late and JR the event coordinator saw my disappointment. So he persuaded a man from Lamborghini Dallas to give me a ride in a Murcielago. The Murci was so silky smooth and comfortable that I didn’t even realize how fast he was going. I looked at the speedometer we were flying at 120 mph. It was increadible!

Just as I felt like I had accomplished what I had set out to do along comes Ralph in his stunning 88 Countach. He had gotten lost but now he was here and I was ready! Ralph kindly asked me to get in to the hand stitched leather passenger seat. We were going for a ride. Ralph slowly went up the drive passing all the other Lamborghinis everyone was starring listening to the engine idle loudly. At the top of the drive he took a left and cruised down the country road. Passing “normal” cars with starring passengers including a carload of girls screaming (half falling out of the car) their approval.

After we arrived at the end of the road Ralph slowly turned around looked up at me and smiled. He then slammed on the gas all 12 cylinders woke up and pushed with every horse they had. There I was plastered to the seat gasping for breath as we approached the first corner. At what was an incredible velocity Ralph took the first corner with ease. Then the second corner he took to the outside lane passing a much slower SUV. (Which I am sure the driver pissed his pants) It was unforgetable. Ralph than looked at me and said, “ I am going to pull over so you can drive her” HOLY SHIT I AM GOING TO DRIVE A COUNTACH!!! I have read books, watched videos, and surfed the Internet for 100s of hours trying to get an idea of what it was like to drive a Countach and now I will get to find out first hand!

I took off my shoes because anyone with normal feet could not operate the pedals correctly. (Way to close together) Climbed in the driver’s seat, closed the butterfly wing door, and started the beast. The 12 cylinder 4 valve Countach roared to life in a way no other car can. I was going to drive an automotive legend. They won’t make anything like it again. It’s one of the most individualistic cars ever made.

I slowly let out the clutch and eased into the gas it was incredible. The sound, the power, and the feel of it was like nothing I had ever driven. All the magazines that said this was the hardest car they had ever tested were (pardon my French) pussies. This car didn’t take anything to drive. The cars controls were firm but never hard to oporate. I liked the weight the controls had. It made the car feel solid.

Just knowing what went into making such a machine makes you realize the car was art. And the fact that it lived up to all my expectations made the Countach even more unforgetable.

The Countach has so much character compared to anything I have ever driven. It was an experience more than it was a drive. An experience that I will never forget! My dream was finally realized.

I want to thank Ralph, Luigi, Taek, JR, Jason, Lamborghini Dallas, and everyone else for such a fun trip!
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