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My TRbs motor is finally DONE LOTS OF PICS

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Hello fellow f-talkers! Some

Hello fellow f-talkers! Some of you may have been following my exploits in doing a full service on my TR. Still have the engine bay to do, but the motor itself is at last ready to install, except for a few nuts & bolts I must still buy. What an ordeal it has been! Today I made new plug wires, and it is a bit tricky if you don't pay attention. If anyone else makes wires please take it from me....RECHECK the ohms once the wires are installed into the dist. caps. What appeared to be good solid connections were not, and I had to clip and re-screw in 5 out of 12 wires. I didn't rely on matching the factory wires exactly, but actually put the wires on the motor and determined their lengths from there. Then I came into the house to watch my car-related TV shows and assembled the new wires, it takes quite a while for a TR. Here is a pic of the overall state of affairs in my little shop...quite a mess right now.

Here are some of the various parts of the car that must be removed to perform a full service at home.

I have two exhaust systems, one I plan to leave stock, and the other I'm thinking of slicing it up and doing away with the muffler, and running simply hollowed precats and cats, and have tips made to exit the rear of the car. It's just an idea that Henryk and I have been hashing about.

I wanted new nuts and bolts, but finding them is a challenge where I live, so I had to order many of them. You can see the "left-over" old stuff too, what a mess!

And are some pics of the motor itself. I still need to make and install gaskets for the oil return lines at the bottom front area of the cam covers. But other than this it's complete. Refinishing the intake air box was quite a job to get right, it took 2 tries to get the proper crinkle finish, but it turned out very good I think. The alternator has a wierd color that I thought was "dirt" until I realized I was removing paint! The back side underneath the air-cowl still had paint on it, so I went to a local auto store and matched it is a GM Pewter-Beige color!

I want to Thank everyone who has shared their knowledge and given advice during this job...I could not have done it without you good people. Special THANKS to JRV, David Feingerg, and Henry for your help and support!

I have received numerous private emails from other TR owners who would like to work on their cars but are understandibly fearful. I too was in your position, having never worked on a Ferrari before. But with patience, manuals, organization, pictures, notes, labels, and this great website I finally did it! So if you have some mechanical ability and common sense you can do it too! I welcome any and all questions and will do my best to answer them....I feel I need to try and give back to this forum, since it has given me so much. Sorry for such a long posting, and Thank You for reading.
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You redefine anal ret


You redefine anal retentive, a good way, of course!
That is just absolutely awesome!

That engine looks better than a Ferrari promo photoshoot engine. My next time I open this thread I'll be sure to wire my jaw shut in fear of having it hit the ground again.

Absolutely fantastic work. You must have the nicest looking Testarossa engine on the planet. Wow. I'm going to go change out of my soiled undies now. Thanks for sharing.

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LOL !! breathing a bit and .

LOL !! breathing a bit and ....LOL again !!

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! I'm really sorry about your jaw and your "undies"! I can't even type this without laughing!

Thank You for such high praise!

My pleasure to help a


My pleasure to help and provide guidance...If my memory serves me correctly, when I first posted a shot or two of my BB block, freshly cleaned and painted, on the other site, weren't you the Gent tha commented that they couldn't wait to see it finished...and that it was clean enough to eat off of?

Seems like you and I went down that same road of perfection, eh?

Sure seems like there's a lot of passion for these cars here on F-Talk. A truly incredible job, Jeff. I'd be very proud, as this level of detail doesn't come easy, nor inexpensively.

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