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I just purchased my first Ferr

I just purchased my first Ferrari, it is a 1992 348 GTB Speciale. I have not been having success with the internet and those I have spoken to about moving the car. I need it to be delivered in less than two weeks. It is ready for pickup now. Does anybody have a highly recommended individual or company with all of the proper insurance, etc. It needs to be moved from Oklahoma City OK to Redlands, California 92373. Please respond a.s.a.p.

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I have used Intercity to ship

I have used Intercity to ship the Ferrari and found them to have modern equipment, and actually call you with updates. Prices pretty much the going rate for enclosed, but great service.

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My 550 was delivered from Scot

My 550 was delivered from Scottsdale to Laramie by
Lamb Transports (which I believe both Scottsdale and Denver Ferrari use; as well as other dealers in Denver).

Really professional and caring guy:
(and busy, so good luck with your time frame)
Ken Lamb
[email protected]

The photo shows the transport carrier that he used from Denver to Laramie. He had another, larger truck (semi/ trailer) haul mine and others from Arizona to New Mexico to Denver.

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