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Well, if you clicked on this t

Well, if you clicked on this thread with that thrilling title, you are a true F-talk tech guy...

Anyway, was reading about ABS and the author made the statement that ABS required a negative scrub radius to work well. I know this is borne out in Ferrari Practice when they went to the large offset wheels on the ABS 328s to enable a negative/zero scrub radius.

While he did not go into why ABS needs a negative scrub, I'm guessing that with much of a positive scrub a differential application of the ABS left to right would tend to yank the steering wheel away and increase instability, while a zero or negative scrub would be more tolerant of L/R differential braking caused by ABS.

Does this sound right?

In addition, I would also guess that the Mondial came with almost zero scrub even without ABS to help with the steering effort, while the 308 series carried about 7/8 - 1" of positive scrub radius for road feel and bite (by my rough calculation - please correct me if I missed). Would make sense as I have often heard that 308s have some noticable bump steer.

Any clarification to help understanding ABS geometry better would be great
Many thanks

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Hey Russ,
Your makin

Hey Russ,
Your making my head hurt on this one. This is a hold new deal. ABS impact on Geometry.
Might lose some sleep thinking about this one.

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Bob - [IMG]

Bob -

Heard back from some folks that the ABS pulling unevenly side to side was why there is a minimum of scrub radius. Could even jerk the wheel out of your hand!

My head's always hurting!

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