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I have bought new plug wires,

I have bought new plug wires, distr. caps, and rotors, for my TR. I didn't have a problem before, but I just feel it is a time for change, due to the year (1988) of the car, and the 65K miles it has on it.

The wires are longer than the ones I removed. I will leave the longer wires intact......that way, I can cut 1/2-1 inch off every 15K miles.

When I install these, do I have to take any special precaution when I insert them into the cap, and turn down the pointed screw? Should I use some dielectric grease, or something?

Maybe I should sell the used set on E-Bay!!!!!!!!


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Morning Henry,

We all know,

Morning Henry,

We all know, by now, that I'm not a big fan of the OE prudence is due here.

The first step would be to ensure that the wire ends going into the distributor cap are cut squarely...

A small amout of dielectric grease wouldn't hurt...

After the wire has been fully inserted (bottomed) into the dstributor cap, and tightened...Ohm check each wire after assembly. This will ensure the integrity of the new wire(s)...and that the distributor pin has fully pierced the conductor of the ignition wire.

I also use some dielectric grease on the spark plug ends...Eases installation and keeps the moisture out of the connector.

Ebay...HA! Why not?

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