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Newbie1990 348 paint code location

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I've had my 90 348 for a c

I've had my 90 348 for a couple of months,and unfortunately there is no owners manual. I'm looking for the paint code for my red 348, to do some minor touch ups, any suggestions where to get it would be a big help.
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It should be on the Engine cov

It should be on the Engine cover next to the latch.
I have the owners manual in PD

I have the owners manual in PDF form if you would like it or you can download it from the owners site.
IMHO, trying to match the colo

IMHO, trying to match the color on a 14 year old red paint job by using the paint code, will only get you in the ballpark.
It will not be a perfect match.
And that may except-able to you.
However, if you want the touch-up paint to be a perfect match to the color your car is today, my advice would be to visit any pro paint store. For example, some NAPA and O' Reilly auto parts locations have a pro paint area inside.
Clean the car, take it to their location, and have them do a multi-angle digital reading.
Then have them mix the amount of paint needed for your application.
Good Luck!

Contact an author


Contact an authorized Ferrari painter such as Premire in West Los Angeles for some touch up paint. That is if you are looking to take care of rock chips. If you are going to paint whole panels then I am in complete agreement with David.
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