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I just assembled factory NEW w

I just assembled factory NEW wires on my TR.........into NEW distributor caps. Readings (taken from the extender end of the wire, to the inside of the distributor cap) are as follows:

WIRE # 7 = 750 Ohms
WIRE # 8 = 950
WIRE # 9 = 1050
WIRE #10 = 1200
WIRE #11 = 1300
WIRE #12 = 1450

Coil wire = 500 Ohms

Extenders = 0 Ohms

I didn't assemble 1-6 yet, but I feel that they will be similar......more ohms for the longer wires.

I will keep these numbers as reference, as the wires get older.

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Other side assembled.......sim

Other side assembled.......similar readings.

I used di-electric grease where the pointed screws enter the wire. Should I apply some in the center (coil) hole, on the inside of the cap? This is where the black carbon slides in. Or do I leave this dry? Should the brass terminals be dry, or coated (with this grease)?

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Hi Henry....I left the termina

Hi Henry....I left the terminals dry in my caps, but would be interested in hearing what others have to say.
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