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Now indevelopment Enzo replacement and babyFerrari

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My source at Scottsdale Ferrar

My source at Scottsdale Ferrari tells me that there is a "420" model coming (that's a "baby" Ferrari, in the spirit of a Dino). And, he says, there's also a new supercar in the making to replace the Enzo. I believe this car is code named "Dietrich"- but have only crude humor to cite as a source. Anybody know of what's coming (like a 599GTS or CS?)
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Dietrich huh? Like the suppose

Dietrich huh? Like the supposed driver of the crashed Enzo in Cali. I like that.
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OMG....I fell off my chair whe

OMG....I fell off my chair when I read the name "Deitrich" !!!!! That is so tacky but so funny!

But truly....Ferrari ought to fill the space mentioned by Wyo550...we will see!
In theory, the Dino is a front

In theory, the Dino is a front, mid-engined coupe originally designed as the replacement for the Maserati GT coupe and spider. The engine is a derivative of the F430, which is a derivative of the 4.0 in the Maser. It gets enlarged and output is over 400 HP, but prolly not greater than 450 Hp. Alfa and Maserati are supposedly using the same engine but tuning it for their specific applications and increasing capacity up to 4.5 liters. We 've seen the Alfa 8C concept which is due here next year at an exorbident price point ($190K) and the Maser is due about the same time for under $100K. It will resemble the current Maser, but stretched a bit and not as Honda Prelude looking. I have not yet seen the Dino design, but I'm figuring on a mini F599 look.
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