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I told my friend Brian that if

I told my friend Brian that if he took the cats off his car and put on a European waste gate, his F40 Might throw a flame out when he let up on the gas. Well he did it including a new tubi.

In my effort to get in the car, I had to put my halmet on in the car. I could not fit. I belive we did 150 down the main straight of the new state trooper track north of Baton Rouge.

Well if that was not enough, when I got in the ENZO, I could get in with my Halmet on. Of course I had to duck down when they shut the door. I know I saw over 120 in it down the main srtaight, I heard maybe 170 but not sure. I could not look over when it got going good, to much G force.

Some may say well that's it huh. No not me, my business partner has a CS. First time I've driven a car with a paddle shifter and those brakes, OH mY GOD those brakes.

After 2 laps I was doing 155 down the main straight and hit the brakes. My GOD what a day and what a ride.

Oh on of the state troopers came out in a Camaro police car to try and catch me on the track. I waved by to hit as I came out of the S's and on to the straight.

Thank you JESUS!!!!

Oh and Thank you Brain, Dan and Lyndon.


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Awesome Kelly!!! You guys are

Awesome Kelly!!! You guys are true car nuts.. Wish I lived a little closer together..

FWIW... I tested a 125cc ICC shifter kart yesterday. HOLY COW!!!! Makes my little kart look silly..

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