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Opinions about 360 and 550

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Hi everyone:
I am starting to

Hi everyone:
I am starting to search for my first ferrari and have narrowed it down to a used 550 or 360 coupe. Can any of you give me your experiences with these. If I choose a 360 I am leaning towards a F1. This will be my first Ferrari. The only other car I was considering was a 365 daytona gtb4 but have come to the conclusion that reliability and parts may be too much hassle.
I have a vey good friend helping me find the car who has owned ferraris for thirty years and now has a Tr and F40. He is sold on the med engine models.
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Hi Gary,

I've driven a

Hi Gary,

I've driven a few 550's and I really find it hard to fault them...front engined V12 that screams when neccesary and cruises easily. Traction control on and you can feel the computers forcing the engine to hold back to keep from smoking the tires in 1st & 2nd...nice ride and great brakes...big for a sports car but plenty "drivable" none the less. A few service issues (like all Ferraris) but nothing to serious.

I'll leave the 360's to someone that likes them more than I do. Don't think the coupes look that good and the F1's have been a real wallet buster so far.

Regards, JRV
I second JR's opinion on t

I second JR's opinion on the F1. I've known a few folks who have had them and they have all mostly come out of it not liking the transmission and a few have had serious issues with them.

For daily driving duties I would pick the 550. Especially if you like the Daytona. The looks on both the 360 and 550 (especially) are a bit bland in my opinion as I prefer the looks of the Daytona much more. But this is a good thing sometimes.

The 360 is more sporting in nature, but they are both plenty fast. The car is relatively dull cruising around at highway speeds though, nothing like a vintage car.

I would go for the Daytona.
Then again, it depends on what duties the car will perform. Weekend driver, daily driver, track car, etc.

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