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Opinions of Testarossas

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Anyone have opinions on TRs dr

Anyone have opinions on TRs drivabilty, mechanical issues?

II took a 88 TR for a spin Sunday from a small dealership in Woodland Hills,Ca, it stated 25k miles but the interior was thrashed, the leather bolster eaten away and cracks and splits all over
Power seats were shot, as were many indicator lights. I'd say this car over 70k on it in reality at least

I have mixed impressions of the car, it felt very heavy but when you got into the upper rev band it was very fast, much less tossable than my 328 which may be why they are reccomended for GT highway driving.

The dash instrument layout seemed a little dated to me, with the 80s digital clocks and many idiot indicators such as the hoods, brakes etc, it seems they will fail over time and be impossible to replace.

Compared to my 328 the engine seemed deep and quiet until you get in the upper rev band, the V8 seem to have a raspy snarl at all times in the lower revs up to a high pitched whine in the upper.

Definately another neglected TR
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My 88 TR has these three switc

My 88 TR has these three switches.......they are mechanical in least in my car.
Henry - I agree. My 86 has 3 m

Henry - I agree. My 86 has 3 mechanical levers that, to the uninitiated, might look like power-seat buttons. They are mechanical (and often don't work).

Jim S.
My 86 TR has the same 3 switch

My 86 TR has the same 3 switches they are mechanical. I traded my low mileage '86 328 for a low mileage TR (4,000 miles 2 years ago). I have never regretted it. The TR is a great road car and now has over 10,000 miles. I also have a 01 360 spider that I love driving but often opt to drive the TR. I paid $69,900 for mine in 01 and looked a long time before purchase. The car has been bullit proof and a blast to drive. My only complaints with the 328 were the cramped seats and a wanting for power, neither are an issue with the TR. I was also told that they fel heavy, compared to a Spitfire maybe. Don't get me wrong I really liked the 328, but I do not regret in the least trading for the TR. In regards to prices I can only imagine what a $45,000 TR would be like. I have read discussions of falling TR prices and do not agree with the idea of $25,000 TR's any more than we will see $10,000 308's that are worth having. The TR was the worlds fastest production car in '86 and a bold styling statement, a good one is a heck of a lot of car for the current realistic market prices.
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John: So what do you think a

John: So what do you think a $45K TR would look like? Just curious, since I had my 88.5 TR for sale last Winter and Spring, and the best offer I got was $41K. It had 63K miles on it then.

BTW: I was asking $46K for the with tan interior.

it's very normal


it's very normal in most of the Ferrari world to use Dealer pricing as the market yardstick. So the average Ferrari shopper/enthusiast generally thinks any model priced below the dealer prices must be a salvage car.

Regards, JRV
JRV: I agree. I should have

JRV: I agree. I should have priced it in the mid 50's!!!!!! It was most interesting to note that the potential buyers where ONLY interested in the miles. 70K was too high, and everyone wanted to steal it. Also, NO ONE came to see the seems the miles scared them away.
JRV...when you say "dealer

JRV...when you say "dealer price" do you mean what a dealer would give you for the car if you took it to one to get rid of it?
Hi Jeff: I believe JRV is ref

Hi Jeff: I believe JRV is referring to the dealer asking price.

I originally priced my car at $46K, per my dealer's recommendation.......he offered me only $35K on a trade-in.....and ONLY if the car needed nothing. Since the service was coming, the price would have been closer to $30K, or, even less......a figure I just couldn't accept.

I then went to my "bottom" of $45K.
If I ever run into a TR with s

If I ever run into a TR with some miles on it but it's a good car, needing service work, for $27k to $30k I'll have two of them in the garage!
I had my car for sale and had

I had my car for sale and had a serious buyer at $59,000. This was an unadvertised price and I think this price is realistic. I chose not to sell as the car has sentimental value and my wife was extremely opposed to selling the car. I believe the miles are a big consideration, but more importantly is the history and current condition. Pricing too cheap is a problem in that people are often weary of a deal that is too good to be true. Jeff I agree a TR that is a "good car" regardless of miles under $30K is a steal. Typically good TR's with high miles (above 50,000 miles) are typically advertised in the high $40's. People seem concerned with cost of service, but my experience has not been bad. I had the 30,000 mile belt service performed by a dealer for less than $5k. Service focused on belts and seals (valves were not adjusted) since the mileage and condition of the car did not warrant the "full service".
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