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<font color="ff0000"><font fac

<font color="ff0000"><font face="arial,helvetica"></font>Hello everyone!

</font>}Dates for the 2007 Palm Beach Cavallino Classic XVI are January 23-28. Registration information is listed in a four-page form to be found at If you have any questions, or need additional information, please don't hesitate to call us at 561-994-1345.

This year's featured cars will be "60 years of the 166"; "50 years of the 250 TR"; and "20 years of the F40".

We are also returning to Donald Trump's private club at Mar-a-lago on Sunday, the 28th. The Ferraris will be displayed on the back lawn;there will be a People's Choice award; there will be a luncheon in the new ballroom. This event will benefit the American Council of the Blind.

}}Last year we had over 400 Ferraris participate in various events through the weekend. Hope many of you can make it! Alicia

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Hi Alicia!!! ......ahem... Mrs

Hi Alicia!!! ......ahem... Mrs. Barnes....

Thanks for dropping in with a personal invitation!

I figured it was too late at this still have slots open? Good!

How about rooms at the Breakers?

This is a big event guys, Roland Linder was telling me yesterday he is working on his F40 LM spec car to take it and was sorry not to see us there!

Maybe if I skip buying Xmas for anyone, I can get the ANSA on the World's Fastest Art Car Ferrari (Cavallino #133) and blast that baby down I10 towards Aliigator Alley!

Where's my technician, I need a tune up and fresh timng belts for this one....I can make LATE January..

I have my new matching Schedoni luggage...gotta USE it!

Thanks, Alicia!!!!

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Hi Alan! Not too late for reg

Hi Alan! Not too late for registration. The Breakers is full and has a wait list. There is a list of hotels on page 2 of the registration form at Rooms are going fast, so I suggest you call soon! Hope to see you there...Alicia

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No worries......I'll check

No worries......I'll check with Martin at Cavallino Motors and pitch my dome tent in his yard! LOL!
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