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Not a picture guy, but I took

Not a picture guy, but I took some at the request of a buddy so I might as well resize and post them here.

Eye see you!

Yep, looks like a Frog.

You know, three people have already asked me if it's the new Boxster because of the side intakes. I tell them it is and that they should keep quiet because it's a prototype 2+2, coupe-body, rear-engined, four wheel drive, turbocharged Boxster. The prototype name is "project 996" and they've been working on this particular design since they finished production of the 356s way way back.

When they ask if it's going to be eating into 911 sales I tell them it won't because "are you kiddin? This has side intakes. The 911s don't! Soon there won't be a 911. There will be only variations of the Boxster."


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Look also like an intimidating

Look also like an intimidating smile in my rear view mirror.

Great pics Taek.
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