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Ferrari Owners Club Pilota mag

Ferrari Owners Club Pilota magazine's editor, Tex Otto wrote the coolest article this month, describing the origins of why national highway systems are right or left handed.

I encourage everyone to subscribe to FOC, just to get Pilota! Tex and Tambi Otto and the staff at FOC and Pilota really care about the joy and fun of driving and being part of a gentle community.
I think an upcoming issue will have a photo section of vanity plates. Last summer there was a pets issue.

Here's the bottom line on "left" and "right" (hopefully without disclosing too much of Tex's great research):
1. Most people are right handed, so
2. In the UK, armies once marched on the left side of the road, so their sword-carrying hands would engage the enemy on their right.
Here's the coolest part:
Napoleon was left handed!
So guess what happened in Europe!
The article describes Hitler's overnight orders upon annexing Austria. And I've heard the same thing happened in Italy as World War Two began.

Do Japanese now (or ever) drive on the left?
That would indicate their (having been) enamored of the British empire model.

And does anyone know the percentage of Ferraris manufactured with right hand drive?

And remember boys and girls (as you know I've learned the hard way) remember to look BOTH ways when crossing the information highway!

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I agree Wyo!! Tex and Tambi bo

I agree Wyo!! Tex and Tambi both do an unbelievable amount of work on the Pilota. When I first joind the FOC they had some other guys doing the magazine and it was a little "plain" looking. Shortly after, Tex and Co. took over, they transformed the Pilota into not only a visually interesting magazine, but an information rich magazine as well and have not looked back. Each new volume gets better and better, and Tex's dedication and research make each piece a wealth of information and a joy to read.

I just received my Jan, 06 issue that has the vanity plate article by Tambi. Very fun to read and see what other people put on their plates. The lighter side to these cars and owners.


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I have always wondere


I have always wondered why we drive on the side of the road we do. Thanks for posting that.

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The FOC leadership is meeting

The FOC leadership is meeting in the coming month. I'd suggest that they consider offering PILOTA as a general readership magazine, for an annual subscription almost as expensive as a membership in an FOC chapter.

Maybe that would defeat the purpose of PILOTA as a club journal. But I think there are tons of people (tonnes? ;-) who want to relate to Ferraris in a positive way - but aren't owners. And this might boost FOC revenue. It would also keep the local FOC chapters on their toes to retain members with something other than PILOTA. In my case, being in Wyoming, I'm not keen on one "club drive" with three other cars from Utah FOC (who all went their separate ways after lunch) once a year. That's hardly the basis of being in "the club".

I'm visiting Ferrari Scottsdale tomorrow to see my first SuperAmerica (blk/blk). I guess they sold six of them, lucky dogs. I was in there at closing Saturday and they also had a 575 with a gorgeous two tone wine/creme interior. I'll get photos tomorrow and post them ASAP.
Happy New Year! Hope you all have a great 2005!

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I had read somewhere that the

I had read somewhere that the origins of the UK driving on the left was to free up their right hand to shake fellow motorists when passing. In those days, encountering an oncoming car was grounds to stop and chat, I gather. Perhaps another urban legend. Interestingly, this has carried over to aircraft as the pilot sat in the right seat of British-built bombers. Does anyone know why smaller boats are all controlled from the right? Not being a boat person, it might be obvious but I have always wondered about it.
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