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Problematic 512 BBi

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a while ago, I posted many tim

a while ago, I posted many times about my poor BBi, the garage queen that had a bunch of problems running. I had finally given up and took it to FOA to have it worked on. First they discovered a bad relay that was not allowing one of the fuel pumps to work, and so despite correct fuel pressures, the readings were misleading...thanks to the corssover between WURs. It was then tuned. I decided to have the belts and tensioners replaced, since the car had 20 years of life without that being done. Well, then it was discovered that one of the WUR had to be replaced.

YTesterday I went to pick it up. I paid the dealer a nice amount of money, then drove away. The car stalled at least three or four times, the last time on a very busy highway and I almost got killed by a truck who thought I was playing with him in the right lane. I pulled over and called the dealer who sent a truck and took the car back for further repairs.

You know what I think is wrong with it. It is an intermittent problem with the d*#@ned digiplex. The car would be run fine and then poof, it would stall, yet there was power to connectiuon problems, just an intermittent problem where the digiplex cuts off.

This should have been the first place one looked. JRV and others tried to tell me that, including Frank (?) of the BBi registery. Well, the mechanic at Foa is still trying to determine if this is the problem. I told him if it is, to go for the MSD version, no digiplexes for me. And the problems that Tom had with the permatune steered me away from it.

Even with less than 5500 miles, the car is not going to be concoursed, nor is it for resale to a collector. I hate the digiplex unit, and I want to drive my car. It has been quite a long long time since it has been driven, and part of the last two years have been ignition problems.

I thought those who followed my trials and tribulations might like to know. I will post when all is well.
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I have an 83 BBi that has had

I have an 83 BBi that has had an MSD ignition in it since 1984. The car runs great and the last three owners have told me that there has never been a problem with it. I can get a picture if anyone needs, also whoever installed it put a small wiring diagram of how it was done
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