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We get a lot of questions abou

We get a lot of questions about idle & tune on carbed 308's & Boxers, etc.

The Marelli Distribs are a serious weak link in the tuning food chain on all cars so equipped. The springs, spacers & flywieghts wear out & become sticky rountinely in the lay down distribs especially. It is common practice for quality shops to have the Distribs rebuilt in the course of Major Services & Tune-Ups. The only real way to deal with old and sloppy distribs is to have them rebuilt & set-up on a Distrib Machine.

An old friend of mine from Calif. has started offering his rebuild services to the public, having used his services for many years without problems I'm happy to recc. him & his services to Ferrari-Talk members. He does this as a sideline to his restoration day job at The Nethercut Collection in Southern Calif.

Distrib Rebuilder:
Don Rudd
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