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1. What is more Important comp

1. What is more Important compression test or leakdown?
2. In Southern California who would you recommend?
3. Do I need to have a body shop look at the car?
4. How much should I pay for this service?

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Well, the checks begin with a

Well, the checks begin with a compression test, if it passes, a cylnder leakage test would be optional. A compression test takes about an hour or so to perform. A cylinder leakage test OTOH takes about 4 hrs with the cam covers on. A compression test gives general top end condition, while a cylinder leakage test gives more specific top end condition. The leaksge test gives the why of a low compression reading in simple terms.

What part of SCali?

In LA a friend of mine owns Monaco Motors in Van Nuys, and I can safely attest to their knowledge, thouroughness and quality. There are also other good shops spread all over S.Cal. I would avoid eugenios like the plauge.

Any good Mechanic can inspect the car for repaints or crash damage so the need for a bodyshop is not neccesary imo.

Typical PPI would run anywhere between $250 & $450, which works out to about 3-5 hrs in most cases.

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Are you talking about Monaco m

Are you talking about Monaco motors in Canoga Park?
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