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If you ever intend to have a p

If you ever intend to have a professional coach on bord of your car at the old Nurburgring Nordschleife you may refer to my service ( The Nordschleife if tremendously difficult to drive. I did a few thousand laps driving myself and coaching other people specially on that track.

The Nordschleife is the most difficult and dangerous track in the world. To go there on your own with fast speed and without or only little track (Nordschleife) experiance is a high risk of crashing. A beginner needs at least 50 to 100 laps experiance to learn the track. If you take up my service you have the chance to learn it much quicker and who can tell you where the dangerous parts are to prevent you from loosing your car. You can not learn this track in a video game even though the video game might be very realistic. Without having the feedback of your car in each corner, each crest or each dip it is not the same than the real feeling on the track.

The track is 20,8 km long, has more than 70 turns and approx. 300 meters difference in altitude between the highest and lowest point of the track.

Write me an e-mail ( [email protected] ) if you are interested in a personal coaching at the Nordscheife.

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