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Rear Window Access T Cab

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One of my kids accidentally ra

One of my kids accidentally raised the rear passenger window while the roof was down and now it is extremely noisy...almost like it is at a loss for grease but hard to say.

In any case, the only access I can find is through the outside intake, but the opening is only about 1.5x5 inches. Not enough to diagnose for me...I was thinking about the interior and drilling out the rivets on the panel but I am not sure if this would allow me access.

JRV or others, have you ever worked on these and can you offer suggestions?

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To remove the windo


To remove the window panels you don't drill the rivets, they hold the inner scrub seal on.

You unscrew the outer panel, then unbolt the top arm pivot, then unscrew the inner panel and work it out.

If you need even more detailed instructions let me know, but you'll probably see how it allfits together now.

Regards, JRV
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