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So far I have removed the foll

So far I have removed the following:

1) small panels on the front of the inside wheel well (right in front of the tire).......both sides.

2) lower font body panel (valance). There are bolts on top, and beneath. Disconnected electrical connector to both passing lights.......they stay with the car. The panel comes straight out the this with the hood closed. You may have to pull out on the back portion, a little on each side.

3) aluminum shields that go down along side the radiator.......both sides. These are held in by slotted screws, in the front of the top plastic cover. The top part shield goes between this cover, and the frame.

4) round wire harness cover, that goes in a semi-circle, just behind the fans......four 8mm screws.

5) three 10mm nuts attach each fan (X3). The center fan has an electrical connector, while the other two do not. The wires are not long enough to lay the fans in the trunk.......I think I will cut them, and splice in a connector, on re-assembly.

6) I am now ready to drain the antifreeze, and disconnect the rubber hoses.

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Henry - the two outside fans d

Henry - the two outside fans do have electical connectors. They simply unplug from the fan-motor housing. Do not cut them.

Jim S.

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Thanks Jim: I have the radiat

Thanks Jim: I have the radiator free, but unable to get it out. It would appear that the right side must go up first, then the radiator would be tilted........then the rad would be pulled out at an angle.

It seems that the left lower rad hose fitting won't clear the side bracket, by pulling straight up.

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Radiator is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Radiator is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a place, in Green Bay, that will clean and pressure test the unit, and does sodering.......will take it there on Monday.

Now I am off to work on the TR.........SO much fun!!!

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Henry - When you reconnect the

Henry - When you reconnect the rad fan wires just make sure you put them on the right way round. If you don't the fans will run OK but will run in reverse. This won't do any damage but will lead to some interesting overheating scenarios (don't ask how I know).

To check is easy, just run the engine and wait for the fans to come one. Make sure they suck air from the front of the car through the radiator rearwards, rather than blowing air forwards.

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