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I just purchased Rosso Ferrari

I just purchased Rosso Ferrari No. 10 (Winter 1994). I had all the other ones but for some reason I was never sent a No. 10. Also, it was very hard to track down. I could find the other past issues quite easily. I did buy it last week from Pitlane from e-bay, who by the way was great to deal with. However it was three times as expensive as other old issues. What was there about Rosso No. 10 that was so special? Did you have to buy a car that year or go to the meet in Monterey (1994) to get one?

I'm not a big collector of stuff like this but I did want a complete collection of something Ferari.

Anyone know what was unusual about No. 10?

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need to check if i got mine at

need to check if i got mine at home tonight...what was the cover?

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It predominately has a white c

It predominately has a white cover with a photo of the front of a GTO if I remember corectly. on the side is labled Winter 1994.

Most of the coverage is regarding the FCA national meet in Monetrey and there is also a good interview of Tony Wang in it.

Let me know I'm just cruious whether I just missed it or if it was some sort of special edition that I never received.


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anyone know how to contact the

anyone know how to contact the editor of the Rosso Ferrari magazine? A e-mail address would be useful, cheers

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Rosso Ferrari is published und

Rosso Ferrari is published under contract to FNA.

It is sent to registered owners, per a shared database. I'm trying to say that the publisher (Same as Road and Track), will not respond to subscription recipients, only thru FNA.

My recent move caused my subscription to lapse for over a year, despite two written notifications to BOTH the publisher and FNA. It finally picked up again with Issue #23.

Maybe if I owned THREE or MORE Ferraris, huh?

Call FNA at 201 816-2600 or FAX to 201 816-2624. HTH

Was anything important mentioned in Issues #19- #22???LOL!

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Strange as well, that you used

Strange as well, that you used to see RF back issues advertised for sale in Road & Track ads....not recently, as I was searching to buy my missing issues!

Good Luck!

Oh, it's also tied to your purchase thru a Fcar dealership. If not, you have to write them that you are an owner. I knew of one guy that traded three cars in the past year...he gets THREE RF's at a time!
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