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Ferrari took the decision to i

Ferrari took the decision to introduce their new car - the F2005 - only at the fifth race of the season, the Spanish Grand Prix. In the meantime, the Italian team will have to settle on a modified version of their 2004 car, the F2004 M.

Despite the fact that the Scuderia was immediately competitive against their rivals' 2005 cars in Barcelona, the situation was not as impressive last week in Valencia.
"I still believe that we will have a difficult start of the season," said Schumacher to the Gazetta dello Sport. "We have to remember that we are using a car that is basically the one we were using last year."

Even if some of the teams have a few issues with their new cars, Schumacher knows that they have a plenty of time to get the most out of their cars, while Ferrari are at the limit of their 2004 car's potential.

"They will have completely new cars with a lot of potential for development. There is still over a month to go until Melbourne so they can surely improve," concluded Schumacher.
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