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What's the deal with Ferra

What's the deal with Ferrari Serial and Assembly numbers?

Do serial #s show the total Ferraris built (at the time that the car in question was manufactured)? If so, then what's the assembly number? My 550 has an assembly number of 26178; And I believe there were only 3700 or so of them built (with 3600 planned). John

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It's my understanding the

It's my understanding the current VIN #s reflect the total built.......

It was easier when there were only five digits, with even numbers being track cars, and street cars using the odd ones.

My cars, #22127 and #22641, being manufactured with 257 cars between them. But not all were 308GTBs obviously, they were assembled in batches of 20 cars, per Dr. Wolinsky's research.

So the others were Boxers, or whatever.

I think when Ferrari adopted the longer VINs, they standardized and used both even and odd for street cars.

The last seven numbers of your VIN should be the total number of Ferraris, as of that date.

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Do you subscribe to Cavallino?

Do you subscribe to Cavallino?

They have a Mercato section that is by model, and shows the VIN range associated with each....


Obviously, both mine are 1977 steel bodied cars, but even between them there are many variances, in construction details......

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Not to sidetrack this thread i

Not to sidetrack this thread in any way, just trying to expound on this a bit. Would anyone have total production numbers through particular model years, say to 1977? Is it possible to use your serial number to know what actual number your car would have been? In other words, I have number 21181. Does that mean this was Ferrari's 21,181st car ever built?

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I think I found a relationship

I think I found a relationship between S/N and Assembly #:

My S/N is 172678
Assembly 26178

See the pattern?
What it means, I'm told by a Ferrari dealer, is anybody's guess; And probably only makes sense to the Ferrari factory. Apparently, when parts are ordered on some models, the VIN, S/N become an issue. Some time ago, an F50 was carjacked from a dealer during a test drive! I guess the new owner will be having a hell of a time getting parts if it breaks down.

I'm assuminng that the S/N is the sequential numbering of cars that come off the assembly line; and that mine is the 172,678th Ferrari ever made.

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172,678 seems very high for a

172,678 seems very high for a 550. They were in the 90,000 - 110,000 range. I don't think 150,000 has even started.

The VIN/SN is the order in which the car was built. So this could happen:

550: 100100
360: 100101
360: 100102
550: 100103

The assembly number is for the factory floor and using the above you would have:

550: 50000
360: 48700
360: 48701
550: 50001

These numbers are all just examples. So your SN equals the car # built. So SN 22,031 would mean that 22,030 cars were made before it (street & racing). For more Registry info see:

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I don't believe Ferrari ha

I don't believe Ferrari has made over 100,000 cars yet. Since the even numbers were for race cars and the odd numbers for road cars
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