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Finally, we are successful in

Finally, we are successful in manufacturing 99% cloned replica shields, which look and feel exactly the same as the OEM shields. Moreover, each shield type has been carefully designed and craf ted by using a pre-made “curvature mold” to fit the fender (wing) curvature of each Ferrari model such as 308, 328, 348, F355, 360 Modena, 550, 575M, Testarossa and 512TR.

If you are a lucky Ferrari owner, you know that the curvatures of the front fenders (wings) vary by Ferrari model. For example, the shield for 308/328 will not fit for 348 or F355 and vice versa. Surprisingly, the curvature of F355 is the same as the one of 550/575M. The curvature of 360 is unique and does not share with any other models. The curvature of Testarossa/512TR is the flattest among all models.

As for the physical characteristics and cosmetic of our shield, they are "99%" identical to the OEM shield , EXCEPT for its shield thickness. The thickness of the OEM shield designed to be 3mm as they are designed to fit into the recess areas in the fenders. Thus, they will not noticeably stick out from the beautiful fender line. Thinking you do not wish to send your Ferrari to a body shop to make the recess to the fenders on both sides (as it costs so much $$), affixing the shield with 3mm thickness will ruin such beautiful fender lines, which is why our shield is made with 1.5mm thickness. It means they do blend in and look much better as if the OEM shields (option) came with your Ferrari. And they are light-weight.

99% Authenticity of Ferrari OEM Shield
Fire Cloisonne (Enamel) Finish like the OEM
Exact matching of colors like OEM
Size: 110mm (H) x 80mm (W) like OEM
Weight: 75g - ½ Weight of OEM
1.5mm shield metal thickness instead of 3.0mm
Shield Material: Metal Alloy – like OEM
Affix: 3M Super-Strength Dual-Sided Tape
Perfect Fit to 308, 328, 348, F355, 360, 550, 575, Testarossa and 512TR (see below)
Shield Type Available

· Type A 308/328

· Type B 348

· Type C F355/550/575M

· Type D 360 Modena

· Type E Testarossa/512TR

Other replica shields do not come even close to ours in craftsmanship, quality and level of details.

Lastly, we will offer FT members the $75.00 discount for a pair of shields, which will make the final selling price to be at $275.00 plus shipping. Please enter a coupon code "75OFF4U" in our website



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Sorry, we have not had a chanc

Sorry, we have not had a chance to make the shields to fit Mondial. We hope to make one soon.

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Yoshi, I hope you have been ab

Yoshi, I hope you have been able to change the curve of your shields to fit a 308. Because the pair I got from you did not fit my 308 but they were so nice that I tried to do everything I could(from 3M tape to magnets) to make them work. No luck.

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Our Bodyshop has a hood for a

Our Bodyshop has a hood for a 456 GT does anyone looking for one or know anyone who is?

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Our shop has a hood for a 456G

Our shop has a hood for a 456GT, is anyone looking for one or know anyone who is?
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