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The most common and most effec

The most common and most effective aftermarket improvement available to most Ferraris is a replacement stainless steel muffler. The stock unit is quite heavy, and not known for its flow abilities or tone - in fact, if you fell the pulses at idle on a US single cat 328 they are of different strength side to side.

The haute couture of aftermarket mufflers for Ferraris has become the Tubistyle. 'Tubi' makes exhaust components for Ferrari factory racing applications and are of exceptional quality. They have been shown on a dyno to bring hp up across the entire band, and many folks notice a seat-of -the-pants difference after installation. I know I did on my Mondial 3.2.
Tubis use an 'acoustic box' technology which gives them a very recognizable sound - not much louder than stock at idle, but a throatier sound. Once throttle is applied - whoa nelly! Especially over 5000 rpm tubis have a modern F1-ish 'wail' that has made them quite famous. Personally, it sounds 1000% better than a stock system if you are in the mood, although a bit loud if you are trying to be low profile - people will hear you coming
. They are also famous for the tubi boom - a resonant booming tone between 3000 - 4000 rpm that some people find annoying on long trips.
They are among the most expensive, but the recognized heritage, build quality, performance improvement and ease of installation have made them the clear front runner.

This Canadian manufacturer of s/s exhausts has a popular following, especially for their muffled straight pipe cat replacements. Also using stainless steel, their product is not quite as visually dazzling as a tubi, but then neither is their price at aboyt 1/2 of a tubi. Stebro does not polish the muffler excepy the tips. Stebro tips are unique and kinda cool - they have removable inserts that the owner can put for street in or remove for competition. While I have not personally heard a Stebro, many owners find them a big improvement over the stock muffler, and say it is not as loud as a tubi. There have been a couple of isolated reports of difficulty in installation that has required some fiddling, but their general overall owner opinion is that they are quite good - especially for the price.

In addition to making the stock Ferrari mufflers for years, Ansa makes a 'Sport system' which I have not heard. I know one guy from FerrariChat who has one who swears by it. The Ansa black pipes with redstripe leading to a chrome angle cut quad exhaust are so Ferrari for those of us children of the 60s and 70s. While I would not recommend the stock system, I think the Sport system certainly bears a look.

Specialty makers
There are several custom bespoke exhaust system makers out there, and their custom work is their advantage, as they will tool up and make what ever you want.
Larini - A London firm that has a lot of Lamborghini experience, but also does Ferraris. The head guy there, David Clark, is terrific to work with on the phone and goes to great lengths to get you what you 'really' want. For example, I am spaking to David now on a Euro style sport muffler with a lower tone and custom Daytona style tips for my US Mondial 3.2. They also do custom s/s headers as well. JRV reports that their quality he has seen has been excellent.
Quicksilver (London Stainless) is another UK that does bespoke work for special applications all over the world. They have just picked up an American distributor and are looking to expand their market. Again, good quality reports from JRV.
Capristo - Becoming very popular with the 355 crowd. Have not heard one but the owners sat they are great. A dealer link is all I have, and sound files are available; Nicks also sells Mille Miglia and CSC systems that I am not familiar with - perhaps someone on F-Talk can fill in.:

There are a lot of options out there at a lot of prices. Many folks are trying to cut into Tubistyles booming business as market leader, but be careful when comparing systems that you get the exact application for your car. For example - Euro 328s have a VERY different exhaust system than their American cousins! Bottom line is deal with someone who knows what they are talking about and get what you want. As far as performance claims remember this general rule - buy the exhaust for the sound, not the power and you will not be disappointed. That said, it will probably be the best aftermarket improvement you can make for the enjoyment of your car.

Hope this gets you started

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As a follow-up to you


As a follow-up to your (excellent) post - DexM will be carrying Larini exhausts in the US. We have been working closely with them for months on the very issue you mentioned - designing exhausts for the US market cars. Please be patient as we get new models on board, but we will have something for all the popular models (and not just the 360 Modena!). Feel free to check our website periodially as we get new products added. You can use the link in the banner ad at the top of this page.

Best regards,
DexM llc.
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