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Sunday morning blast

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Hello everybody,

Just wante

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to share the pleasure of the early morning blast. Took the car out, drove out of london to a few twisty backroads in Kent. Great feeling, the engine and chassis coming altogether. Sure the 550 is an heavyweight, not really at ease on small twisting roads but what a feeling.

I am sure there are many of you who like me wait for the week end for a good ride. bringing the car back to garage and feeling sooooo happy. Thanks to enzo to have inspired and created such moving marvels.

I am sure all of you got such stories to share, just felt like writinbg about it myself.

Drive safely and have fun !!!

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Glad to see you where able to

Glad to see you where able to take out the 550 today. I was hoping to take out my Boxer this weekend, but we had a snow storm on Friday!!!!!!!

So I did the next best thing: continuing the major service on my TR.

Welcome aboard!!!
Ahhhhhhh yesssssss....Sunday m

Ahhhhhhh yesssssss....Sunday morning blasts thru the's been years since early morning drives to awaken and soothe the spirit were part of my repetoire. Lifestyle changes will do that. You remind me of how I miss those days gone by!

Welcome aboard and thanks for the memories and evoking a renewed longing!

Regards, JRV
So , 4 of us (Ferrari,Lamb

So , 4 of us (Ferrari,Lambo,Pantera,and a California Highway Patrol car) blast out of Sausalito, Ca. early on a sunday morning and head out on to the freeway with the throttles on the floor, and discover that we are busted. The CHP passed each of us and just pointed his finger and shaking his head, Blasted off down the road. Another Sunday morning drive!
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