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The first thing to do is test

The first thing to do is test the Ohm reading across the two terminals, located on the AAV. The reading should be about 45 Ohms. If the reading is infinity, then, replace the AAV. This can be done on the car. While on the car, disconnect the safety switch, and the connector going to the AAV, and turn the key into the "RUN" position......NOT start. You should get battery voltage at the connector. If not, then you have a problem with wiring. If you get the 12V, then proceed to the next part. Keep in mind that the current going to the AAV is on the same circuit that runs the fuel pumps. That is, if the fuel pumps are running, then current is applied to the AAVs.

Remove the AAV from the engine. Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes......look inside the holes of the AAV, and you should see an opening. If not, then replace it.

If there is an opening, place the AAV in the oven at 200 deg F., for about 30 minutes. You should see NO opening. Run one end under the tap, to cool it off, and then blow through it, to make sure the seal is good. I have found that some air will go through, but not much. If it is good, then proceed to the next step.

Let the AAV warm to room temperature, where you can see an opening. I use a separate battery, and apply 12V to the terminals of the doesn't matter which way. Watch the opening, and it should close in a few minutes. If so, then the AAV is OK.
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