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A very very big thank-you to J

A very very big thank-you to Jim Glickenhaus for his hospitality in my recent visit to New York.

I can't really express over the internet what an eventful day I had. Because this is a Ferrari forum I guess it is inevitable to say that I had a very close look at "the P4"
. Jim was gracious enough to go over details of the car with me. It was an experience few are privileged to go through. Amazing detail and provenance. The stuff of dreams indeed.

What made the P4 visit all the more spectacular was having J6 right next to it. The comparison between Ford's approach to an all out assault on endurance racing and Ferrari's purpose built racer were fantastic. Everything from the construction of the car to aerodynamics and such.

It was also quite a sight to see some of the fantastic racing memorabilia Jim had; a very impressive layout of Le Mans inclusive.

As great as the cars were I would be wrong to say they were the highlight of my visit. What made the experience so rich was the people behind the cars. I got to meet the charismatic Sal who is managing the efforts to get P4 ready for action. He had some fantastic stories to tell about the good old days and I was happy to see that we shared some very similar thoughts on both vintage and modern cars. The man really knows his cars and his espresso! He made it a point to express how high on his list of priorities a good cup of espresso was. Although I don't like coffee, I'm sold on Sal's espresso. I also met the artist responsible for the paintwork. A car nut in his own right with some pretty crazy ideas floating in his head. It was great fun speaking to Greg about the nuances and subtleties of the bodies on the cars. As a premier paint man his eye for contours and aesthetic flow are almost unparallel. Great fun and yet another friend well met.

Not only did Jim open the doors to his house but also introduced his lovely wife and daughter who were on hand to enjoy the day. It is no secret that Jim and his family surround themselves with the finer things in life but it is most apparent in the care and support they lavish on their friends and each other. It was interesting to see reactions of people who milled around the shop. There were those who were smitten by inexorable awe and gratitude and others who fruitlessly tried to pin dollar figures to the priceless machinery at hand. The latter was the funniest to witness. Family and friends; this is where Jim is most affluent. Or as Jim put it to me a while ago: "Friends and family. The rest is bullshit."

Didn't really want to post a cheesy thank-you post, but I think its inevitable. While most would be content in struggling to be the first to post how they got to see and touch Enzo's P4, it is important to recognize and applaud Jim's enthusiasm and his family's support. A man with an infectious enthusiasm for automobilia and a joie de vivre we should all emulate.

Bravo Jim!
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