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Greetings from Phoenix!

Greetings from Phoenix!
After sleeping on the floor of the Denver airport for three days during last week's blizzard and having a former Miss Wyoming come back to the bar in her pajamas to throw her arms around me, I was looking forward to seeing my first 599!

OK, so I have now seen and heard it (LORD!), at Ferrari of Scottsdale.
And I have sat in it.

It doesn't fit me. I'm 5'8" and I felt like I was sitting on the floor- not upright in the (more expensive) Daytona seats which this car was equipped with. If you spread your fingers open, my 550's steering wheel is lower than the 599's by about the distance from your thumb to your pinkie.
(at least it FELT that way as I sat there)

When I get into my 550 to do a test run with the prototype tuned exhaust,
I feel like I'm slipping the 550 onto me and we're merging.

But getting into the 599's seats, I felt like I was a bald midget from Wyoming who was going to have his arms hanging from the steering wheel like Mickey Rooney as I drove it. I couldn't imagine it being comfortable at all.

Now, maybe the Daytona seat has some ELEVATION control that I'm completely unaware of ...duh! And maybe the 599's seat can be positioned to the point that (my) rotational body axis around my shoulders would be identical to what I'm familiar with in the 550.

But I'm curious what other people, shorter than 1.8 or 1.9 meters think!
And I'm definitely sending this (forum) message to my friend A____ who received the second F430 in America. He's about my size and I'm VERY curious to know if he's received his 599 and what he thinks of its fit.

The word on the car'sperformance (from the new car sales manager at Scottsdale) is outstanding. He described braking at the LAST moment on the the Phoenix Firebird test track during a recent dealer's day...with the RACE setting engaged...and running like an F-1 pilot

The SOUND is unbelieveable! My 550's tuned exhaust is snarly...but this monster bites your ankles when it starts up!

The aesthetics surprised me. I'd been worried from the press photos that the car would resemble a bas**ized F430/575. But the styling cues and compound curves of the 599 appear balanced- but VERY color dependent- with the flat wheel arches not visible in press photos and having a definitely good effect on the overall view.

Frankly, I still think that the 550 is the better looking of the cars. The 575 front end looks like a committee modified the D'April design team's love for the 550. And the 599 looks like it should...muscular and BIG. But in terms of sheer design beauty, my yellow 550 , with its soft lines accentuated by the color is much more refined.

Anyway, the upcoming 420 will apparently resemble the 599 and the 420 will cost a fraction of the 599 (which is now going for $150,000 over MSRP on the the U.S. secondary market). My 550 is paid for!
I may be 40 on the Scottsdale list for a 599- but I don't care too much. Because, in the meantime, I'm driving the fastest and most powerful 550 in the world...AND Miss Wyoming 198_ likes me enough to hug me in a crowded airport her jamies!

I wish you all a happy and safe 2007

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OK, so I'm an idiot. I wen

OK, so I'm an idiot. I went BACK to FoS and sat in the 599 for MINUTES, adjusting the seat until...yes, daddy...OK...I can reach the pedals and steering wheel daddy. Can I have one daddy? Because, by the time I can afford a $300,000 car, I'll be a drooling old man- with or without a Miss Wyoming wife- who needs a high chair to sit in!

Frankly, as I sat there, rotating my shoulders like I was cornering and driving this monster at 100 mph, I felt like the 550 was a better driver's car. Smug little old me...the bald mental midget who has the fastest (street) 550 on earth.

BTW: Today, I heard about two Daddy's girls in Texas who took (dealer) daddy's Enzo and Murcealago out for a "spin" and spun into each other! Naughty Texas daddy's girls!

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John, try to stay focused. I a

John, try to stay focused. I am starting to think an intervention may be needed to save you.

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Bob, is an intervention like a

Bob, is an intervention like a police warrant?
That would be so cool!
Saved by the Police State!

"But officer, I was only doing 191....uphill at 6500 rpm. I had 800 rpm to go before redline! What's the problem????? I'm not on warranty!!!!!"

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I think the collision story ha

I think the collision story has been discounted as Urban VIN numbers were harmed.


I was inpressed with the 599 Tour cars, but ya'll know I like mine with lots of logo stickers!

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So let me get this straight, &

So let me get this straight, "in your words"
a bald mental midget, not on warranty, doing 191 mph uphill, kissing beautiful women in jamies in airports in the worlds fastest 550. Your life seems so different than mine. Although the last time the police stopped me for similiar things it was more like an arrest than an intervention
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