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From level 61 you ought to begin using Rune Crossbow that is able to shoot Bolts up to the Runite tier. It has better overall stats compared to Magic Shortbow but does not have a unique attack. In case you have level 55 Slayer you can use Broad Bolts which are a much cheaper alternative to the Runite ammunition. They provide a marginally worse bonus for your strikes but they cost approximately four times less. If you can not manage Rune Bolts or don't fulfill Slayer prerequisites for Broad Bolts subsequently stick to Magic Shortbow with Rune Arrows. This weapon ought to be utilized as your primary one until level 75 since better ones are extremely expensive to get and also to use generally.

At level 64 you can wield a better choice to Rune Crossbow. This is a really costly weapon because its cost varies around 4mil. Dragon Crossbow is the first one to shoot Dragon Bolts which are far better than their Rune alternative but also cost much more. If you have money to invest this is another weapon to get and if not just skip this part.

LEVELS 70+ ARMADYL CROSSBOW. Likewise to Dragon Crossbow, this is a really small increase to your Ranged skill that will cost you a lot. In case you have enough money then go for it and buy one but if not you may want to skip this component. As mentioned before boost to your ability is minimal and the cost is huge.

LEVELS 75+ TOXIC BLOWPIPE. This is going to be your late game weapon as it is much cheaper than alternatives and still does a fantastic job. The blowpipe is a few times cheaper than Armadyl Crossbow but it needs Zulrah Scales to charge that will cost you extra. It can shoot up to a Dragon Darts and contains an wonderful special attack that increases damage dealt and fixes the user. This is supposed to be used as your main weapon until you become extremely wealthy.

There are also two honorable mentions to special weapons: DRAGON HUNTER CROSSBOW. Is a similar weapon to Dragon Crossbow with regards to stats but it has an incredible 30% bonus to damage while battling Dragons. It is the greatest weapon to farm on these creatures and because of that costs over 100mil. TWISTED BOW. This is the ideal end game bossing weapon for Ranged in RuneScape. It acts differently than other Ranged weapons which have a established strength in their attacks. Twisted Bow climbs its damage and accuracy basing on Magic Level of your opponent. Because of that, it is best for fighting bosses but not so good at normal training. Because it unique effect is indeed desired it prices over 1bil.

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