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This is Why Euro Car makers pull out of USA

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This afternoon I received a no

This afternoon I received a notice from a goverment claims representitive naming MB as the defendent.

When I opened it......there was a notice of a CLASS ACTION SUIT brought by Karl Susman, Raj Gulrajani and John Selback. Was this suit about some sort of important safety issue?........NO. Was it about a critical manufacturers defect.........NO. It was because some people didn't receive a front license plate bracket!!! I could not believe that someone would waste time, effort and money to obtain a $10 bracket! That was until I saw what the lawyers were in it for.......

Wayne S. Kreger and Belvin Allen of Milstein, Adelman & Kreger (2800 Donald DOuglas Loop, North Santa Monica, CA)

The attorneys, for their trouble get.........$60,000!! for this money making scam. The plaintiffs get a bracket....and if you bought a new Merc from 2000 to 2004, and didn't get one, you can get one too.

I was appauled........the 3 plantiffs, as well as their lawyers should be ashamed of themselves. If you needed a bracket, I am sure that the dealer would give it to you....and if they don't...........spend the $10. And the slime attorneys should hang their heads. It is worthless actions like this which contribute to the fact that we don't get alot of great cars in the US that are available elsewhere. It jams the legal system, costs taxpayor/manufacturer dollars and makes less room for people with REAL problems. And finally.......who ends up paying for this...........the consumer who will pay more for their car.
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thats quite disturbing, but it

thats quite disturbing, but its what people have come to here, always trying to make a quick buck no matter who it hurts
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