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After a marathon session insta

After a marathon session installing motor on Thursday and Friday, I finally started her up after some months. You may recall I had a leaking front main seal - which I replaced. And I also rebuilt the waterpump. During the pump rebuild I was very unsure of myself and worried about tiny scratches I put into the aluminum surroundings. Many told me that I'd have a leak no matter what I did. So far after running on 3 occasions till good and leaks. Oh...and I of course put on new cam belts even though the "old" ones were only a few months old. I also discovered that the plugs that cover the mixture adjustment screws were missing. So I used the appropriate short bolt with an o-ring and washer to seal up the holes. The car runs very differently now as opposed to before. After all this I have a "rule of thumb" question.

Is there a good starting point for setting the air by-pass screws? Like turn them till closed and then back out say 1 or 2 turns...something like that?

My car DEFINATELY needs the mixture set up, but the closest place I know of is about 100 miles away. I'd like to at least get the car in a "reasonable" state until I can drive it to a service facility.

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The best way to balance the screws is by using 2 vacuum on each side manifold. I adjusted mine by getting the vacuum to be the same on both sides. It ran at 16in HG/side, and idled at 1000 RPM.

David provided me with the source for vacuum gauges. Let me know if you need it........they are 4 inches in diameter, each! Huge, but very easy to work with.

I am not sure, but, even if you could do the CO, I think that the vacuum balance would still be done first......then re-adjusted again after correcting the CO.
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