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JRV: Now that the Boxer is do

JRV: Now that the Boxer is done, I am planning on tinkering with the clutch on the TR. I hear an intermittent sound, which changes with the movement of the clutch pedal.......I am assuming it to be either the pilot bearing, or more likely, the TO bearing. There is no slippage of the clutch. I can hit the gas, in 5th gear, and the revs react normal.

I plan on NOT removing the ring nuts, this time. Can the bell housing be removed in one piece, without removing the gear cover? It would appear such, however, upon installation, it would seem that one will have to turn the lower gear (going into the trans) to properly align the trans shaft, to the gears within the trans, to must remove the gear cover, to be able to turn the lower gear into proper position. To remove, and istall, the housing in the same EXACT position seems to be unlikely.

Does this all make sense to you????????

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>>I plan on NOT removi

>>I plan on NOT removing the ring nuts, this time.<<


As far as taking the bell housing off without removeing the transfer gear housing, I never tried it. All the gears need to line up, top gear into disc splines, then lower gear onto input shaft, then center gear between those two, so it's always just seemed easier to me to take the transfer housing off.

If you find an easier way let us know.

If you only have a TO noise I wouldn't worry about it. Many Boxers had noisy TO's when brand new, never saw one go bad because of that though. In fact don't think I've ever seen a siezed/bad TO on a 12. They usually get replaced because of the just in case , and while it's apart might as well factor.

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>>They usually get rep

>>They usually get replaced because of the just in case , and while it's apart might as well factor.<<

Of course the bearings weren't 15 yrs old back then either ;-)...

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JRV: "If you find an easi

JRV: "If you find an easier way let us know."

Well, I was able to remove the clutch bell housing without removing the transfer gear case. While the whole assembly came straight out, with the trans shaft, it eventually hit the back of the frame, still not free.....not enough room. I then slid the trans shaft back into the engine with my hand (I grabbed it between the housing and the engine), with the bell housing out and the whole bell housing came off, in one piece.

I believe that one will have to remove the lower outer cover on the transfer gear housing, in order to turn the gears with the ring nut so that they align upon install.

So, while the tansfer gear housing does not have to be removed, to remove the bell housing, it MAY have to be removed in order to install the housing.....haven't gotten there yet.

I guess that one could install the trans shaft, and rotate the engine to align the clutch shaft. If so, then the transfer gear housing can stay in place.

I will find out upon Spring?????????

BTW: The TO bearing, on the TR, was frozen. I got another one, as well as a clutch assembly. It appears that I have only about a third of the clutch left. I will use what is left, and replace the clutch after another season. I will have to replace the TO bearing during the major.

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Morning Gents,


Morning Gents,

FWIW, I've never pulled any of the transfer case covers while doing a clutch on a BB or TR. Presuming everyone is all lined up in the clutch area and the transaxle shaft is lubed a bit, I merely slip the bell housing on...and whilst the transaxle is in 5th gear, just wiggle/twist a bit the LHS CV joint, and the assembly just slips on.

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