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TR engine almost out

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Well, after a few nights work,

Well, after a few nights work, I believe I am ready to remove the engine. Enclosed is a picture of the engine support that I welded up today. I had it raise the engine some, so that it would be higher, and easier, to work on.

I almost forgot about that water hose in front of the engine (in front and down of the A/C compressor) is to loosen the clamp only.....and it will "slip" out on removal. I feel it will be a trick to get back in. Maybe installation will be easier if I remove the compressor, since I have no freon anyway?

The shift lever is to be slid forward into the tunnel, but it seems to bind on something, thus it sticks out a bit. The engine will have to be dropped a bit, and then pulled back.

Tonight, and tomorrow evening, I will go over the manual and just get everything ready, and make sure I didn't miss anything.

I will plan to pull the engine on Friday. Wish me luck!!!!!!!

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