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TR ignition ECU tester

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I just recieved my new 25 pin

I just recieved my new 25 pin ignition ECU tester, from my Ferrari dealer.

My technical manual has 12 tests, where one can check the TDC and Tach sensors, as well as the ignition ECU module, while in the car.

One disconnects the plug from the ECU, and plugs it into the tester. The other end of the tester has the 25 pin connector, which then plugs into the ECU unit........the tester is in series. One can then test the OHM and Volt readings from any two connections, while the car is running.

Interestingly, the 25-pin connector of the tester also fits the FI ECU module, but I don't have a series of tests that I can do for these.......does anyone know?

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