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TR major service started

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My 88.5TR is due for a major s

My 88.5TR is due for a major service. I plan on removing the engine, and move it into the heated "mud room", where I will work on it over the Winter. I decided to remove some things before pulling the engine!!!!!
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Henry...the only real problems

Henry...the only real problems I had in pulling the motor were:
1. Shock absorber bolts hanging on, very distressing for the first time DYI.
2. Do NOT disconnect the air conditioning pump, but physically remove it and secure it in some way. (Don't pop the lines)
3. Accelerator cable hanging up, hard to pass through the anchoring bracket.
Other than this, I believe the shop manual is right on the money. Take notes, pics, and label everything, and you'll do just fine I'm sure.
G guys are really gett guys are really getting after it. {

I truly love seeing guys that have the gumption taking on major projects like this. You guys are getting a huge education into what it's like to to work on Ferraris and how many thousands of steps it takes to have one 'just right' at the end.

Congrats to both of you !!

Regards, JRV
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I did my own major on my 87 TR

I did my own major on my 87 TR and the car ran great when I was done...just take your time and do it right. next major on the car was done by Scottsdale Ferrari (I decided to treat myself)....they messed it up (neglected the H20 pump...but charged me for it. When it failed within 100 miles of the service they back peddled and lied and in the end had to spend $13K fixing their fxxx up. Stay away from Scottsdale Ferrari.
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