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TR majorI needed a break

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I just came back from a week l

I just came back from a week long vacation in Florida........Universal Studios and MGM (at Walt Disney World) where GREAT!!!!! I arrived home this evening....about 40 degrees here. I was having breakfast, this morning, in 80 degree weather.

I will now get back to the TR. I plan on filing down the burrs caused by the stuck shim buckets, and order new ones (I will need 5). Since the cams are out, I will do a leak-down test on all cylinders. Last week I transported the block and trans case to my lake house, which has a heated garage.

Since the cams are out, I will machine a tool so that I can install the correct shims, intake and exhaust, without having to turn the engine......this should make life easier. I plan on doing this Tuesday.

I will order the shim buckets from Rutlands......$30 apiece.

I will have to order metric bolts, since I don't want studs where the front engine cover attaches to the trans case......for easier removal next time.

I will also have to grind down some metal, where the nuts go, between the engine block and trans case. There are 2-3 that are so tight that a closed end wrench will not go over.....this should solve that problem.

Jeff: I am very glad to read that your car is running!!!!!! It seems that mine won't be done for another few months. Of course, I am in no hurry......and I still have the Boxer to drive.
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Welcome back LUCKY!!!

was w

Welcome back LUCKY!!!

was wondering where you went, though maybe you went to Italy, to cuss out a few engineers!

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