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Moving along: I just ordered

Moving along: I just ordered more shims for the valve adjustment.....finishing the exhaust valves, on the right side. The left side is done.......even installed the valve cover and front cam seals. The only leak I had was from one of the right front cam seals. The other seals where dry, but when examined, they where much "harder" than the new I replaced all. The last major was done in 1997.

So far, I have replaced the following seals and gaskets:
Front cover gasket,
Front main seal,
Front cam end cover seals (X4),
O-rings on the front cam sprocket bolts,
Water pump seals (X4)........bearings, chain OK.

The inner-most water pump seal was VERY hard, even though it didn't leak, yet!

Also done was:
Heli-coiled 2 stud holes in the front cover.....where the bolts go into the brackets and the alternator supports.......replaced the bolts,
Heli-coiled a stud hole between the block and trans case. Still trying to get a new stud,
Replaced a bad exhaust stud and nut,
Replaced 5 water hose sections that come off the top of the block,
Installed 2 new belts will go on later,
New seals between the lower intakes and the block (X8),
All new fuel injectors,
New gaskets between the air flow meters and base,
New O-rings between the FDs, and base.

I also have new plugs, and wires; new distributor caps, and has 65K miles on it.

I still have to adjust the FD plunger at the proper depth. I will pre-set it to what it should be, but I may have to wait till the car is running, in order to fine tune it.

Rear cam gaskets will be replace, but not the seals. They don't leak, and would be easy to fix when they do........with the engine in the car.

I also replaced one of the motor mounts......while it looked good, there was a section of the rubber part that felt very "spongy".

On the car, I plan on replacing the thermostats, and any fuel/water hoses that appear soft, or frail.

Have I forgotten anything?

I also have a new clutch........the one in the car is about 3/4s used up......not bad for the 40K miles put on it. I may just run this clutch for another summer, before replacing it.

I heard that a TR major, by a dealer, runs about $7K-8K. I wonder what this would have cost???????

Well that is where I am at. I will post pictures when I have the block all together.

Long post, so thanks for your patience.

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Henry, Keep-up the good work!!

Henry, Keep-up the good work!!
Its good to see your posts.

I just finished a major in my 328.

Stay Warm,

PS: I lived in Two Rivers for a year (I remember the Wisconsin Winters)

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Hi Mark: Don't you mean &

Hi Mark: Don't you mean "Trivers"? HAHAHA

After all this work I need a break. I will now be going to Florida for a few days, for some R&R......will be back next week.

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Yes, I stand corrected it is T

Yes, I stand corrected it is Trivers!!
Florida sounds like a good weather escape.
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