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While doing my major, I remove

While doing my major, I removed the FDs. There is an O-ring between the fuel distributor, and the air flow meter. They where both often un-checked area for vacuum leaks.

My usual Ferrari parts sources did not have this item.

I then found a source for metric O-rings. However, I had to buy 25 of them, and only need 2!

If anyone else needs some, let me know. How about $1 for 2? That would cover an envelope.

While doing the major, I ordered (thru Ferrari parts sources) numerous O-rings that where priced between $1.50-5.50+ each.

I am thinking of ordering different sizes of O-rings, but I have to buy them in bulk (about 25 each). These would include O-rings for various TR applications.

I could then sell these to members, at a more reasonable price.

We are only talking nickels and dimes, but I feel it is part of the fun of owning a Ferrari........trying to make the cost of ownership as reasonable as possible.

Any thoughts?

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I had to do the same thing for

I had to do the same thing for the copper washers for the fuel distributor lines, bought them in packs of 50pcs. I think. The company was called Metric Multistandard Components Corporation. They have a Chigago branch office, phone number 800-221-4469. If I remember right the total cost for all types of copper washers was less than $35. Not too cheap...but I looked all over the earth for these and this was the only place that had 'em.

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Jeff: Could you post a part n

Jeff: Could you post a part number, for the FD washers? I would like to get some.


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Looking at the paperwork, ther

Looking at the paperwork, there is no part number for the washers, but there is a size. I ordered 3 sizes:

Item 7603 CU (this applies to all parts below)

A10x13.5 100pcs. $12.25
A8x12 100pcs. $10.08
A12x16 50pcs. $ 9.20

Don't know what the "A" means at the beginning of each size, but the numbers are the I.D. and O.D. As I recall they didn't EXACTLY match the ones on the TR but worked fine. And I think these were all 1.0mm thick, where as some on the TR were slightly less. Perhaps from being crushed? The quantities shown were what I HAD TO ORDER. But still no big deal. I hope this helps Henry.

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Not all the the FD lines use t

Not all the the FD lines use the same size washer. The ones on top are the same, but the fittings for the inlet and outlets are bigger, and the one for the cold start injectors is smaller. I hope I have this right.

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Henry....I think I have enough

Henry....I think I have enough washers left to do your TR if you want....just let me know and I'll be happy to send them to you. Or you may decide to order them just to have a supply on hand, since you have two cars with a boxer-12 engine. Let me know.
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