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As most know, Jeff and I are p

As most know, Jeff and I are pulling our engines out for the major.

When I read that Jeff removed the engine, with a 'bang' from the upper shock mounts coming through the frame, I started to think about this before doing my own. I felt that if they where stuck, because of alignment, then one would never get them all aligned together, upon install.

The procedure is EASY!!!!

First: Remove the 2 13mm nuts holding the upper part of each shock to the frame. For engine removal, remove the 2 13mm and the 2 17mm nuts from the top of each shock. The most inward 13mm nut has a spacer/washer, while the outer one only has a careful.

Second: Remove the 'loooong' bolt holding the lower control arm to the wheel housing. Loosen the lower shock holding nuts, but do not remove.

Third: Use a crow bar and pry upwards between the lower control arm, and the wheel/spindle frame. This will lower the control arm, and the shocks will just "slide" right out....tilt them back and you are DONE. If the inward bushings are very stiff, and the wheel goes up more than the control arm goes down while prying upwards, then pry downward between the frame and the lower control arm.

FINALLY found something EASY to remove on a Ferrari.......very rare!!!!!!!
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