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TR valve adjustment

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I am in the middle of adjustin

I am in the middle of adjusting the valves. It seems that most of the exhaust valves needed a 0.05mm thinner shim.

Having the original tool set, I am familiar with the procedure: Tool #1; to depress the shim bucket, with shim in place. Tool #2; to hold the edge of the bucket down, while removing the shim with compressed air, etc.

My question is this: Should tool #2 slip off the bucket edge, with the shim already out, would one have to remove the cam to replace the shim?

Or can one use tool #1 to depress the bucket? This would put pressure from the tool directly onto the shim bucket.

From experience, I know the buckets are hard steel, but VERY brittle. I wonder if using tool #2 on the bucket directly would have a tendency to crack it.

This has not happened, yet!!!! This came across my mind while doing the procedure; since, it appears that a slight inadvertent bump is all that would be needed, to displace tool #2 off the bucket edge.........especially if the the tool is on the very outside edge of the bucket.

My thought is that the cam would have to be removed, since one cannot insert a shim into the bucket with it not being depressed.
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Hi Henry,

the buckets will

Hi Henry,

the buckets will not crack using whatever method you feel comforatible with depressing them, thus avoiding removing the cams.. Once the seals are on the cams and it's tighened down and new belts installed I'm a firm believer in not removing the cams for any reason (unless it's an emergency of course).

Many tools and materials can be used to depress the shims and/or buckets that won't harm them, such as hard plastic or wood as examples, and the edge of the shim does not neccesarily need to be used to depress the shim/bucket, the edge only needs to be used to hold the bucket for shim replacement.

Regards, JRV
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